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Punzel Scandinavian

A visitor’s adventure begins at the wooden footbridge leading guests from the parking lot to Punzel’s Cottage where one can buy Scandinavian handicrafts from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Guests can participate in a Saga Tour between elves and trolls, or take a stroll through the Magical Daisy Ring, our tour portal. A right turn takes one into the Elves’ Realm with a visit to an elf’s cottage. A left turn along the beautiful heart-shaped pond takes one into the Realm of the Trolls, with a stop at a troll’s lair. You decide.

“The Legend of Punzel’s Pond”   

The adventures of Punzel, a 16-year-old Swedish immigrant is in book form:


Punzel Nordström, a teenage Swedish girl, embarks upon an adventure to America with her grandfather Arne in 1907 to the northern homestead left to Arne by his deceased brother, Alf. They discover that Alf lived a charmed life in an enchanted forest called the Tidendal Woods. Follow Punzel as she unravels the secret of a heart-shaped pond, meets the strange and magical creatures that inhabit Alf’s forest, and gains inner strength in the process. But will Punzel have the courage to protect this land from the grave threat that appears in the forest one day? And who will help her?


In this tale of enchantment, Judy Hauser draws on her Scandinavian ancestry and her northern Michigan roots to create an authentic story that will engage the young and the young at heart. She also has the advantage of living at the edge of the forest beside a beautiful heart-shaped pond south of Traverse City, MI, as the proprietor of Punzel Scandinavian.