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Punzel’s Products

The Wood Spirit said…

“In the Woods of Tidendal grows there a branch of Yggdrasil, the World Tree…and so our story begins.”

“Punzel’s Potion”

“A pinch of Magic
A teaspoon of Laughter
A tablespoon of Love
A cup of Joy

Fold all in a big Hug
Take daily for a lifetime of Happiness.”  

Wine Glass
Woman on Bridge

Punzel’s History

Surrounded by 90 acres of northern hardwoods, named the Tidendal Woods, Punzel’s Cottage and Studio thrives on a land teaming with wildlife (aquatic, land-lumbers, and airborne), wildflowers, and four, picture-postcard seasons.

Judy Hauser, nicknamed Punzel by Bernd, her German-born husband who was inspired by the folktale Rapunzel, sought to share with her grandchildren and others the endearing world of her Swedish grandparents. 2019 is the beginning of Judy’s 34th year of creating handicrafts, illustrations, and writing, dedicated to nature’s wonders and the mystical creatures of her Scandinavian heritage.

Punzel’s Philosophy

The true Magic of the day is Dawn - when night lifts its veil and the blush of daylight winks at the sky.

Ah, to embrace the quiet moments when others sleep and revel in the knowledge that one’s thoughts are fresh and as yet unheard.

Cave Entrance
Scandinavian Wooden Plate and Swedish Clogs
Mushroom Decor