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Once Upon a Time with Punzel...

We want you to feel like Punzel is a home away from home. We want you to come here and feel welcomed. 

Punzel Nordstrom, a flaxen-haired maiden, and her grandfather, Arne, set forth from their Swedish homeland, crossed a vast ocean and new territories, to reach the Ancient North America forest of the Tidendal Valley, homestead of Arne's brother, Alf. The new arrivals settled in Alf's cottage at the edge of the Tidendal Valley Woods beside the beautiful heart-shaped pond where enchanting adventures began. Many years before, Alf, the kind and gentle woodcarver, fell into a magical daisy ring planted by Enok, leader of 47 woodland elves. "Ha!" Alf grinned with delight and rubbed his hand again, "Magical daises and an elf that looks like a storybook tomte from Sweden." Thus began Punzel's saga in the Tidendal Valley bordered by Lodespar Mountain, home of a notorious clan of trolls. Step through the magical daisy rings and discover Tidendal's secrets and the lives of those who dwell therein. 

"Punzel's Legends" are living folktales.

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